Crane figure in front of the Main Hall (Photo: C. Rio)


Temple #20 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage

C. Rio   - 1 min read

Temple twenty in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Crane Forest Temple. The crane is considered a symbol of longevity and good fortune and its appearance is considered an auspicious sign. Legend has is that while Kobo Daishi was training at this location, a small 6cm statue of Jizo Bosatsu appeared at the base of an old cedar tree guarded by a pair of cranes. To commemorate this, he enshrined the statue in a larger 90 cm statue of Jizo. To get there, catch a Yokose-nishi bound bus from Tokushima station and get off at the Ikuna bus stop. From there it’s about a 90 minute walk.

C. Rio

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