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Mt. Daisen Towering Over Yonago

The tallest mountain in Chugoku

Yoshi Mikami
Judith Mikami   - 2 min read

Mount Daisen is located in Tottori Prefecture and holds the title as the highest mountain in the Chugoku Region (Okayama, Shimane, Tottori, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi). It looks over the City of Yonago and whatever vantage point you are looking at Mt. Daisen she doesn’t disappoint in giving you a spectacular view.

My family travels to Yonago City a couple of times each year and we enjoy the relaxing environment that Yonego offers to its visitors. But I have not had the honor of climbing this mountain but have spent a lot of time looking at her. Well this is the excuse I keep telling myself but the truth be told I have never been one for trekking up mountains. I just like to admire them. My husband, my eldest son and other members of my Japanese family make it a regular rite of passage to walk the many paths to the top of Daisen each year, so perhaps one day I will have to bite the bullet and put on my trekking boots.

Mt. Daisen has a lot to offer the visitor with a number of activities which can be found around the base of the mountain. You can enjoy horse-riding, a adventure park where kids can climb trees to navigate through the bush area, a resort that offers scenic golf, summer painting classes where you sit each afternoon painting your version of Mt. Daisen, fishing ponds and many, many other activities which I hope to write about one at a time.

Of course Mt. Daisen delivers activities for all four seasons and you can see in the pictures what fun and mischief you can get up to in winter. After a long day skiing, the best aspect is to return to your lodge, Japanese ryokan or hotel and soak in the many natural springs (onsens) that can be found around Mt. Daisen and in Yonago.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for taking these pictures, they really do show Mt. Daisen in her full glory.

Getting there

Getting to Yonago is easy by catching a local train from Okayama City (the Super Yakumo) or if you like to drive which I think is the best way to see regional areas. You can do it at your own pace and really explore.

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