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Nichinan Town Art Museum

A small museum with a colorful twist

Judith Mikami
Judith Mikami   - 3 min read

While staying in Nichinan town I decided to visit its local museum. It is located in a very modern complex that also houses the cultural center and the town hall. My visit happened to coincide with the manga event that is presently taking place throughout Tottori prefecture.

The museum has only four to five main exhibition galleries and all of its regular exhibits had been taken down to cater for the Manga event. As you walk into the main entrance you will see a small office where you pay your entrance fee. To the side of the ticket window are two displays of postcards, art books and Sakura Coloring Crayons. You can actually buy individual colors or sets which is something I love to do. This is my worst habit of buying art materials and stationary, in my house and office I have boxes of unused art supplies waiting for that day I can slow down and attempt to do something creative like draw or paint.

For those of us who have lived in Japan and have children who require art supplies for school or pleasure know that Sakura crayon and pastels (Sakura cray-pas) are the best you can buy. Nichinan town is the birthplace of the creator of this brand and products. If you take a look at my other articles I hope you will see what perhaps inspired him in the color pallet this brand is famous for.

Just a couple of meters from the ticket window you will see the first gallery. On the walls is a great collection of animation and in glass cabinets you see some original drawing from the artist. On the first floor there are two small galleries, the second floor has another three galleries that are also exhibiting only animation.

During this visit I was able to take pictures of the regular exhibits but viewed the museum's catalog and wished that some of the regular pieces were up for viewing as this style of art was what I like to see, a collection of some impressionist paintings mixed in with a number of abstract pieces. I was only able to buy the postcards but hope you get an idea of what you can see if you decide to visit.

I think this museum is a tribute to Nichinan and its hope to insert art and culture into this small mountaintop community.

Judith Mikami

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