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Fugan Suijo Line

A leisurely canal cruise

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The Fugan Suijo Line is located inside the Fugan Unga Kansui Park, just 10 minutes on foot from Toyama Station's north exit. This leisure cruise gently starts from Kansui Park to the port town of Iwase. Along the course, a guide will briefly introduce you to the scenery as you navigate the surroundings. If you can understand Japanese, this provides an opportunity to learn more about the history of the canal and the photographs shown by the guide.

The ticket counter is located inside the park, and it also serves as the cruise boarding point. There are two main courses you can take. They are the Iwase course (full-way) and the Nakajima course (halfway) priced at 1700 JPY and 1400 JPY respectively. With the purchase of the former, you will also receive a return ticket for the LRT streetcar back to Toyama Station. Three boats operate along the cruise line. They are the "Fugan" and "Sora" with the capacity to hold around 55 people each, and "Momiji" (the smallest of the three), with a capacity of approximately 11 people.

One of the main attractions of this cruise is the "Nakajima" lock gate system built in 1934. This unique system is also known as a water elevator system where you can get lifted on a lock only here. The final destination of the cruise is the port town of Iwase. This town is a beautiful example of a traditional Japanese port town.

Almost all the way through you will be experiencing the gentle cruise navigating the fresh verdure surroundings. As you get closer to the port town you will slowly start feeling the sea's waves, adding some excitement to the experience.

Once you reach Iwase, you can take the next LRT streetcar from the nearest station located just 2 minutes from the dock back to Toyama station.

Getting there

The park is located 15 minutes walking distance away from Toyama Station's North exit.

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