Virginia González

Kumano Deai-no-sato Egg Farm

Home-made cakes, organic veggies in the Kii Mountains

Virginia Gonzalez   - 1 min read

There is one place in Japan where no 7-Eleven stores can be found; Kumano. However, there is no need to panic; there are other options. For instance, the Kumano Deai-no-sato. Located deep in the Kii Mountains, this 100 year old, lovely-looking farmhouse offers fresh eggs to be purchased any time of the year, as well as home-made cakes and vegetables in the adjunct café the family runs.The farm, located on a hill, can only be reached by car (no public transportation available in the area) but, once you get there, you won't want to leave. For this reason, the family also owns a guesthouse where visitors can stay overnight. Enjoy the experience!

Virginia Gonzalez

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