Cobalt Blue Beach on a spring day (Photo: Tristan Scholze)

Cobalt Blue Beach and Oasis

With Shiokaze no Sato rest area on Tsuno Island

Cobalt Blue Beach on a spring day (Photo: Tristan Scholze)
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You might not find any Chinese porcelain or other CoAl2O4 products on this beach, but the name is definitely cool. More than your average swimming area on Honshu, Japan’s mainland, the waters here on the little island of Tsunoshima are indeed blue and clean, backlit by the white sand of the sea floor and interspersed with a few large and attractive rocks. You can reach the beach easily from the main coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture with just a few-minutes’ drive across the mile-long Tsunoshima Bridge (Route 276) to the central isthmus of the “horn”-shaped isle retreat.

Being at the geographic center of the island, near some interesting rocky cliffs, it’s a good place to orient yourself, take a dip, grab a bite, rest a bit, and plan your day. This fine beach on the Sea of Japan has great scenery and swimming. Surfing is also possible here. Parking, toilets, and showers are available.

Shiokaze no Sato (“Hamlet of the salty sea breeze”), kind of a visitor’s center, is across the street from the strand. The building is a pleasant wooden construction with nets, buoys, and other decorations from maritime village life. The structure houses a gift shop, with fresh local vegetables and products of the sea on offer. There’s a section of the shop with items that are all 100 yen.

Also inside the building, you'll find restaurants, toilets, and information. There are eateries serving seafood specialties as well as fast food, like takoyaki. The handicapped-accessible restrooms and baby-changing facilities are clean. You can also learn a little about the island's other attractions, such as the lighthouse, Yumesakinami Park, Yumegasaki Cape, a campground, and Makizaki Wind Park.

In a separate building, also lining the large parking lot, is Tsunoshima Cycle Port. Bicycle rentals for adults are 200 yen for 2 hours, and 100 yen for each additional hour. They have bikes for kids, and they even have electric bikes for those carrying children or who prefer extra power in getting around.

Though it’s not visible from the parking lot, behind the buildings lies another beach on the south coast. Take the south exit from the parking lot, opposite the main road and Cobalt Blue Beach, and head right (west), toward the sea, then left when you reach the water. If instead you continue to the west, you can venture down to the fishing village and its colorful harbor.

しおかぜの里角島—shiokaze no sato tsunoshima—Shiokaze no Sato コバルトブルービーチ—kobaruto buruu biichi—Cobalt Blue Beach

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