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Kikuya Family Residence, Yamaguchi

The palace in Hagi castle town

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The Kikuya Family Residence, located in Hagi Castle Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is the residence of the Kikuya family who were once rich merchants in the old Hagi Domain.

The extant buildings date back to the early days of the Edo period with five buildings, including a treasury and granary having been registered as National Important Cultural Properties.

The grounds of the Kikuya Residence are about 6,600 square metres of which about one third is open to the public. During the summer with its fresh green leaves and the autumn with its vibrant leaf colours, a garden known as Shintei is also open to the public. A tasteful Japanese garden, Shintei is a very calm and relaxing place, particularly the view from the drawing-room which is extremely beautiful.

There are some old books and arts that are exhibited within the residence where you can have a look at your own pace. There is a wall clock which Ito Hirobumi, the first president in Japan, bought abroad as a souvenir as well as a telephone which was used in the Meiji Period. They are very precious and you will see the old style of Japan.

The outer Namako Wall is very pretty and is considered a must-see. The road it is on is called Kikuya Yokocho and is a very good sightseeing spot. This street is called “Kikuya side street” and a good sightseeing area.

Nearby can be found Ensei-ji Temple and the birthplace of Takasugi Shinsaku, the feudal retainer of Hagi from the late Edo period. The town is large enough that renting a bicycle is a good idea where you can easily access other attractions within the city.

Tasteful and elegant, Kikuya Family Residence is recommended as a highlight on a trip to the World Cultural Heritage-listed Hagi Castle Town.

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