Kintai Bridge is a five-span arch bridge. (Photo: Suwannee Payne)

Kintai Bridge in Yamaguchi

The most beautiful bridge in west Japan

Kintai Bridge is a five-span arch bridge. (Photo: Suwannee Payne)
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If someone asked me, what is the most beautiful bridge (in the world)? I will reply 'Kintai', because as far as I have seen, there are no bridges like this bridge, where elegance, subtlety, refinement, perseverance and human determination meet beautifully with nature. I am not over-praising, Kintai Bridge is really like that.

Build in 1673, Kintai Bridge is located in Iwakuni city, Yamaguchi prefecture. The bridge was built across Nishiki River at the most beautiful river bend, with beautiful scenery all around; mountains, streams and trees large and small.

Kintai Bridge is a five-span arch bridge. The bases are built of stone, the rest is all wood, with not even a single nail. Created by ancient skilled craftsmen of Japan, the bridge is truly beautiful and elaborate, matching its’ name ‘Kintai’ which means gold brocade sash.

The bridge was destroyed many times by natural disasters. The last time was in 2005, typhoon Nabi destroyed some parts of the bridge. But each time Kintai Bridge was reconstructed at the same place according to the original style, using of wood but maybe with a wee bit of metal to ensure the bridge is not destroyed again.

I had the opportunity to walk on Kintai Bridge in 1987 before Typhoon Nabi. My pictures of the Bridge are from that time.

Kintai Bridge is a pedestrian bridge so we can stroll, lounge or just enjoy watching the river and boats. Walking on the bridge I had many different feelings. What a beautiful and delicate bridge, I'm so proud for the Japanese people.

If you come here between late March and early April, there is a beauty that adds to the bridge, pretty pink flowers of the cherry blossoms. It is a very pretty cherry blossom viewing point here also.

On the 29th of April is the busiest day of the year around the Kintai Bridge area, a Kintai-kyo Festival occurs with more than 40,000 visitors.

There is one more thing that is interesting, traditional fishing boats using cormorants for fishing. Every night in June, July and August, fishermen gather in traditional clothes and go out fishing using cormorants.

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