Weeping cherry blossom and stone foundations (Photo: Cathy Cawood)

Cherry Blossoms at Kofu Castle

Reflections on the fleeting beauty of spring

Cathy Cawood   - 1 min read

Just a few minutes walk from Kofu JR Station, Maizuru Castle Park was once an important hub of power in the Edo Era. It was so strategic that the Shogunate rotated more than 200 different lords in and out of the castle so than no one clan could become entrenched there. However, when the samurai class lost power in the Meiji Era the castle fell into disuse, and was eventually dismantled to make way for the building of the railway station. By 1904 what was left of the castle grounds was turned into a public park. In recent years some of the castle structures have been rebuilt.

The park has many cherry trees which make a beautiful show in spring. It is a lovely place to stroll around and perhaps reflect on one of the important tenets of Buddhism - the fleeting glory of blossoms, castles, people, eras and in fact everything. All is replaced by something else. Nothing lasts, so enjoy the cherry blossom now!

Cathy Cawood

Cathy Cawood @cathy.cawood

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