Nanatsu-gama-goden Waterfall

Yamanashi’s spectacular natural wonder

Steve Morton   - 1 min read

Rightfully earning its place within Japan’s list of top 100 waterfalls stands the impressive Nanatsu-gama-goden-no-taki. Nestled within the Chichibu-tama-kai National Park in Yamanashi Prefecture, these falls represent the crown in the jewel of the Nishizawa Valley.

Measuring over 50 meters in height, this five tired waterfall is famous for its distinctive shape which, when translated into English means 5 steps and 7 Iron Pots. As you experience the spectacle of water gushing down wildly into each of these pot-shaped lagoons, it easy to understand how these falls get their name.

Connected to a series of other nearby waterfalls, this picturesque valley lays testament to the power of Mother Nature as you pass by a series of dramatic rock formations that have been formed over the course of many years by water erosion.

Although autumn is an especially popular time to visit, I have personally discovered that early winter (while the buses are still running), represents an equally impressive time to visit. The reason for this is because the lack of foliage exposes the riverbeds and cliff-faces creating a stark, yet dramatic landscape

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