Scenes From a Walk Along Arakawa River

A day trip to Shosenkyo

Reynald Ventura   - 2 min read

The slower, the better. This is a personal motto especially when I’m travelling. The 4-km trail from Nagatoro Bridge to Sen-ga-taki Waterfall was designed as a two-hour hike. But time stands still when you’re in the midst of beauty and mystery. I started the hike at 10:30 and had the Yamanashi’s traditional ‘hōtō’ ほうとうnoodles at about 2:30 at a restaurant right above the waterfall.

It was my first visit to Kofu’s Mitake Shosenkyo (御嶽昇仙峡) and I was not prepared for the huge surprise. I didn’t bother to check images on the Internet; I was more concerned with directions and timetables. Having with you just general knowledge of a place and not knowing too much are usually one of the charms of going on a trip. Discovery is an important essence of traveling.

To be able to film the burning red momijis in the wind was a first experience. Red leaves dancing in the autumn breeze and watching them depart one by one was a moving sight. I felt privileged and blessed to witness them. And the towering granite cliffs were simply humbling. It makes you realize humans are nothing but tiny creatures.

Descending from the cable car, I was greeted with open mouths and wide eyes by a school of golden koi in an artificial pond. Next to the dancing red momijis, the friendly carps were the most cheerful creatures in the deep valley.

Reynald Ventura

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