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Book and Bed Tokyo is a unique hostel for bibliophiles.
Guest House Nagasaki Burabura: Affordable seaside hangout
K's House is a hostel with public baths and traditional a Japanese interior. It is located in central Ito and close to the ocean beach.
While the building is quite large, there aren't so many guests, giving some sense of community. On the other hand the building is so spread out that you can quite easily find your own little corner without being bothered by anyone.
I am always looking for ways to save money. Japan's cheap capsule and hostel accommodation appeal to my thriftiness and overall sense of adventure.
This hostel does not feel like a traditional Kyoto Merchant house. There are no macha green noren curtains or the smell of a fresh tatami mat, characteristics that are more in abundance at Roujiya or even some of the rooms at Hana Hostel. Instead it has a glampacking hostel feel, with minimalist black and white lights and concrete walls like a contemporary art gallery, a bit like Khaosan Hostel meets the Hotel Anteroom just down the road in Kujo. On the other hand, if you are prepared to spend a bit more for a private luxury room, but keep the contemporary art feel, check in at the Hotel Kanra near Gojo Station.
This hotel was once the only fashionable, gorgeous hotel in Tokushima...30 years ago! Why don't you indulge yourself in a reasonably-priced suite of the hotel; the price goes down off-season and on weekends for sure!
Hotel Maiiko Villa Kobe. Enjoy a romantic view of the Great Akashi Strait Bridge and local history at the same time.
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