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Jan 14th

Ito Family Residence X Flower and Digital Art Festival 2023-2024

A fusion of tradition and modernity in Nagoya

Kim   - 2 min read
Venue : Ito Family Residence, Nagoya, Aichi When : Dec 22nd - Jan 14th 2024, 10:00am - 5:00pm

The Ito Family Residence in Nagoya has been designated by Aichi Prefecture as a tangible cultural property, and a special event in collaboration with digital art collective Hitohata brings projection mapping displays to the historic venue.

The Ito Family Residence x Flower and Digital Art Festival is set to run from late December to mid-January, and will feature both traditional Japanese art forms such as ikebana (flower arrangement), calligraphy, and maiko and geiko culture alongside digital art.


This is a ticketed event, and it's advised to purchase tickets ahead of time. Online advance tickets are priced at 1450 JPY for adults and 950 JPY for students, whereas on the day tickets are priced at 1500 JPY for adults and 1000 JPY for students. Admission is free for elementary-aged students and below.

Getting there

The Ito Family Residence can be accessed in around 15 minutes on foot from Nagoya Station.

For those using the subway, either Marunouchi or Kokusai Center stations are closest, with both being around 6 minutes away on foot.


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