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Takeshima island near Aichi

Learning the proper way to pray and other adventures

Kiana Fukuyama   - 1 min read

Takeshima, a small island off the coast of Aichi prefecture at Gamagori is home to one of Japan's seven Benten shrines dedicated to the a "wind dragon" (tsunami) and is a pretty popular destination to go for clamming. We took the long bridge out but also hung out to let the breeze cool us off on the hot summer day.

We gorgeous strolled around the island, it didn't take more than an hour, and visited the shrine.  A tour guide joined us, and he told us why when we put our hands together in prayer, one hand is lower than the other.  Apparently, to have the hand even is a play on words and it's unlucky, thus one hand must be higher than the other.

Kiana Fukuyama

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