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Mangasouko in Akita

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Janessa Landry
Janessa Landry   - 3 min read

So you like anime, manga, games, action figures, models, movies, music or more? Then Mangasouko is the place for you. This place is filled to the breaking point with all kinds of collectibles, so almost anyone will find something that interests them. You can't miss it because there is a massive dinosaur raging in front of the store! The best thing about this store though, by far, is the prices. All these objects are incredibly affordable. That is probably why it is has become popular with businessmen, families, school kids, and native and especially international students from Akita International University.

The first thing to be seen when entering the store full of mountains of stuff, are crane games. Right behind that are the games available for every system imaginable from Nintendo DS to Playstation. They even sell the devices themselves and if you are lucky like one of my friends you may even find a limited edition Golden One Piece PS3. Hidden treasure can be found from time to time and that keeps customers coming back for more. Behind the insane amount of games is a music and DVD section. Behind that are the shelves upon shelves of manga, which range from boys manga (known as shonen manga) to girls manga (known as shojo manga). Finally on the right side of the store there are models, action figures, stuffed toys, and key chains from a ton of different anime and companies.

I personally run to the Miyazaki (famous anime artist) section when I first go through the door of Mangasouko where I can find, sometimes, very rare and old collectible items for a really cheap price. Then I like to peruse through the music and DVD sections always wondering if I should buy some old nostalgic j-pop CDs or not. Then I end up in the stuffed animal section where I usually choose the biggest and softest stuffed toy to bring home, which can cost me just 500 yen. The coolest thing, even cooler than the incredible amount of stuff, is that sometimes they will bring in new merchandise. This happens a couple times a month and it always makes me feel as if I walked into a new store.

It is one thing to read about the store but a totally different experience to see it for yourself. This store can be found when exiting the Kami-ijima Station then following the tracks to your right all the way up until you bump into the green dinosaur out in front. Don't make him angry. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes but it is well worth the walk.

Janessa Landry

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