A trip to Aomori prefecture is not all about sightseeing, with the region home to many local dishes well-known across Japan – and we're not just talking apples. Seafood dominates Aomori's regional cuisine, thanks to its extensive coastline, but many more surprises lie in wait.

Read on to find out about Aomori's food.


Traveling through Aomori City, visitors will have the chance to try Nokke-don at Furukawa Fish Market. After buying your tickets and getting your rice, you can explore the fish market, get your preferred toppings and craft the perfect seafood rice bowl as you see fit.

Apple pie in Hirosaki
Apple pie in Hirosaki (Photo: Aomori Travel)

Aomori Apples

Aomori is known for apples thanks to being the heartland of Japan's apple production. This is centered around Hirosaki, in the Tsugaru region, known for its Fuji variety. Come to Aomori to savour its apple juice or fame apple pies — or head to an apple farm for an apple-picking experience!

Kaiyaki Miso

This local favourite, which is omelet with scallop served in the shell, mixed with green onions and miso, is native to Aomori City.

Matagi Meshi

Try the traditional Tsugaru cuisine of Matagi-meshi (lit. hunter's meal), originally using wild mountain vegetables and game meats (bear, deer, rabbit) around the Mt Iwaki region. It is considered the earliest example of the kamameshi style of cooking – in a small pot. At Dake's Matagi-tei restaurant, you can try their own Matagi-meshi comprising chicken, maitake mushroom, bamboo, burdock root and much more.

Ooma Tuna Rice Bowl
Ooma Tuna Rice Bowl (Photo: Aomori Travel)

Ooma Maguro

Aomori's celebrated port town of Oma is the country's tuna capital, famed for its catches of fresh Pacific Bluefin tuna averaging a hefty 100 kilos. Oma itself has an abundance of fish restaurants dedicated to all-things tuna and other fish caught near the stunning Shimokita Peninsula.


Try sea urchin and abalone simmered in dashi, and seasoned with salt and soy sauce.


Iga-menchi refers to minced squid fishcake, a local izakaya favourite in the Hirosaki region of Aomori.

Curry milk ramen

Curry milk ramen has a popular following thanks to a local Aomori City shop — it's derived from the Hokkaido style over the water. It's hardly an Aomori classic but sneaks into this list for being something a little different.

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