Floresta Nature Donuts Meets Sanrio

A limited time collaboration featuring Little Twin Stars

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Anyone who has visited a Floresta Nature Donuts store before knows they produce some exceptionally cute donuts year-round. The company also often serves up collaboration donuts for limited periods, such as the Gudetama Easter donuts they released earlier in the year. During the month of July, their stores have another fun range of donuts coming out in collaboration with Sanrio characters Little Twin Stars.

The collaboration is scheduled to run from July 2nd until July 24th, and it's set up as a two-part event. From July 2nd until July 12th Little Twin Stars ring donuts will be available for purchase, and then from July 13th until July 24th a Little Twin Stars themed donut hole cup is on offer.

The adorable donut hole cup
The adorable donut hole cup (Photo: Floresta Co., Ltd.)

The vibrantly colored frosting is Floresta's special white chocolate mixed with purple sweet potato powder and strawberry powder, creating donuts that provide a gentle, natural sweetness. It's a big part of what makes Floresta Nature Donuts so sought after, since their products are made without the use of artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. A healthy donut, if you will!

A glimpse at what's on offer
A glimpse at what's on offer (Photo: Floresta Co., Ltd.)

The ring donuts are priced at ¥ 520 each, and the donut hole cup is ¥ 690 (tax included), and whilst they're more expensive than your average Mister Donut product, the level of detail is unmatched. For those who don't live near a Floresta Nature Donuts store but are still located in Japan, the company will also be offering online sales of the collaboration products while stocks last – more details on how to purchase them can be found on their official website.

Getting there

To find the nearest Floresta Nature Donuts branch to you, please visit the store locator on their website. As mentioned above, online sales will also be available for those who can't access a store in person.


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