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Fukushima Hotels Now Half Price

Destination campaign offers discounted hotel stays

Lauren Jade Hill
Justin Velgus   - 2 min read

Located in the southern part of the Tohoku region, Fukushima is said to be Japan's third largest prefecture after Hokkaido and Iwate. The prefecture is known for tourist hotspots such as Aizuwakamatsu with its samurai origins, the breathtaking scenery of Bandai, or timeless thatched roof houses of Togenkyo. It is also blessed with nature, history, and a memorable red cow souvenir, the akabeko.

Since the beginning of the TEPCO Fukushima power plant 1 incident caused by a massive tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the number of tourists visiting Fukushima Prefecture has still yet to recover to pre-disaster levels. There are a number of recovery and promotion projects in place. Most attractive to travelers' wallets is the "Good fortune blooms in Fukushima" travel voucher campaign starting June 1, 2015.

This unusually long destination campaign and its discounts are happening for three periods: June 1–August 3, August 31–Novemeber 30 and December 1–February 29 2016.

Two types of hotel voucher tickets can be purchased for up to half price accommodations. In addition, travelers making reservations online will be eligible for a complimentary discount up to a 10,000 yen. As of May 19th, there are 632 hotels within the prefecture participating with 166 tours already planned by travel companies to visit during the campaign periods. The number of hotels offering the discount service is planned to increase to 1570. Tickets will be sold at convenience stores, travel agents, and online retailers such as Rakuten, Yahoo, etc. under the 「福が満開!福のしま」(Fuku ga mankai, Fukushima--"Fukushima, land of treasures"​), tagline.

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