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Japan Rail Pass Prices Set to Increase

Price jumps scheduled to take place in October 2023

Photo: Henry Perks / Unsplash
Kim   - 2 min read

The JR rail pass is a special ticket available to foreign tourists visiting Japan, and it allows unlimited travel on Japan Railways (JR) trains for a designated period of time. The pass is often praised for its excellent value for money and convenience, as it allows travelers to utilize Japan's extensive railway network and explore popular destinations without needing to purchase individual tickets.

There are some upcoming changes to the pass, though – primarily the pricing structure for them. Japan Railways recently announced that price increases for the passes will be implemented as of October 2023. The jump in cost is quite significant, too, with the 7 day pass set to shift from ¥29,650 to ¥50,000, the 14 day pass going from ¥47,250 to ¥80,000, and the 21 day pass moving from ¥60,450 to ¥100,000.

The exact date in October for implementation has yet to be announced, but as soon as more information is provided we will update this article accordingly.

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