<p>Kyoto introduces toilet signs in 4 languages, to combat stinking toilet issues</p>
Kyoto city

Kyoto Counters Bad Toilet Etiquette

Toilet signs introduced as a means to combat bad habits

Kyoto city
Jerome Lee   - 1 min read

Kyoto, one of the most popular destinations in Japan and the world, has put up toilet signs in late June, to educate the public on correct toilet etiquette.

This move came after one of the most popular cities in Japan, and in the world, has seen an increase in bad toilet habits displayed by foreign visitors in Japan.

Examples include foreign visitors not knowing how to properly use Japanese squat-style toilets, or throwing used toilet paper in the trash instead of flushing it down, resulting in unpleasant smells and sights detected.

As a result, Kyoto has started putting up toilet signs in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean, educating the masses on using Japanese-style toilets.

“We hope these stickers help people understand . . . the proper way to use bathrooms,” said Chikashi Ono, a Kyoto city official in charge of hygiene.

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