Dec 5th
Dec 6th
The event presents an easy way for vegans to try new brands
Vegan Gourmet Festival

Vegan Gourmet Festival Online Mall

Vegan food, beauty, and more - delivered to your door!

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Online When : Dec 5th - Dec 6th 2020

The Vegan Gourmet Festival Online Mall is Japan's largest online event for vegans, where you can buy gourmet food, cosmetics, and more from a variety of businesses across the country. The latest installment of this online event takes place on Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 6th, and there will be a wide range of product offerings that you can have delivered to your door (within Japan).

The event will include vendors like Ain Soph, famous for their vegan restaurants in several locations across Japan, and vegan beauty company Genka. The online mall format provides an easy way to browse a variety of retailers, stock up on your favorite goodies, or try some new ones.

Payments for products during the online event can only be made with a credit card, and the prices listed are inclusive of tax. To make purchases, you are also required to create an account on the website which you can do here.


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