Samantha Lau

Beautiful, Overlooked Sakura Spots

Sakura viewing in Kobayashi, Chiba Prefecture

Samantha Lau   - 1 min read

The stunning sakura viewing spots in Kobayashi, Chiba Prefecture are hidden treasures tucked away from the swamp of crowds you normally see in other famous areas such as Tokyo's Ueno Park. I went to Kobayashi Park, the Kobayashi Sakura Matsuri and Narita Temple and stumbled upon these overlooked sites that are simply perfect to enjoy the ephemeral beauty of Japan's iconic cherry blossoms in peace.

Samantha Lau

Samantha Lau @samantha.lau

Student at UCL currently doing an undergraduate degree in History. Enjoys reading about Japanese history and culture (especially the bizarre bits, which are plentiful), and hopes to be able to reach a decent level of fluency in Japanese one day. Wishes to go back to Japan again soon!