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Izumi Nature Park in Fall, Chiba

Top 10 location in Chiba City for fall foliage viewing

Jessica A Paje
Jessica A Paje   - 2 min read

Izumi Nature Park is one of the top ten locations in Chiba City to enjoy fall foliage viewing. Hues of red, gold and green are sprinkled throughout the spacious park during the months of November and December. You can stroll across the focal point of the park, Izumi Bridge, to capture the reflection of the autumn landscape in the duck pond. Or, hike down trails to catch the sunlight shimmering through the surrounding trees.

Also known as momiji and koyo, the fall foliage during my trip in mid-November was nothing short of a perfect picture for the season. I spent most of my time walking around the duck pond with friends, and as I watched others bundled up as they walked their dogs, feed the carp, and stroll hand in hand underneath the sycamore & trident maple trees, I thought this was the essence of Autumn in Japan. There are many benches situated around the pond for a quiet and relaxing time. Pick up a few snacks from the neighborhood to enjoy, like imocchi, as you capture some of the most spectacular colors of the season!

Not only is Izumi Park a wonderful location for fall foliage viewing, it is a fantastic park during Cherry Blossom season. The north section of cherry trees is one of the top 100 most famous areas to view sakura in Japan. As usual, you can enjoy hanami viewing by picnicking in the grassy areas.

There are a few rules one must adhere to such as no fishing, no bonfires or fireworks, and dogs must be leashed (owners are responsible for droppings). It is free admission to the park and an up-to-date calendar of events is available for reference on their website.

Izumi Nature Park is 43 hectares in size and is located about 11km southeast of Chiba City’s center. You can easily travel by car as day parking is provided for a total of 400yen between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. To access the park by train, exit Chiba Station and then take the Flower Bus bound for “Nakano Soshajo” (Nakano Switchyard), get off at “Izumi Koen Iriguchi” (Izumi Park Entrance).

Jessica A Paje

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