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Camellia Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

For first timers there is little in common between the Samurai and the tea ceremony. Little did I know, but there are several ways of presenting at a tea ceremony, with the Samurai style being considered very suave by Atsuko, the tea master and owner of the Camellia Tea House. Watching Atsuko's considered ways during the tea ceremony; it reminded me of the martial arts practiced in Japan. Calm, disciplined, and elegant, it was bewitching to experience. 

HiSui Tokyo

HiSui is an authentic way to learn traditional Japanese culture in the center of Tokyo. They offer lessons in swordsmanship, calligraphy, tea ceremony and kimono-wearing.

Kikuya Family Residence, Hagi Town

Kikuya Residence in Hagi town belongs to the Kikuya family, samurais-turned-merchants in medieval Japan. The place is now converted into a place for visitors, which includes over 5000 artifacts from the Edo period, impressive gardens and avant-garde interior.

A Springtime Wedding in Kyoto

May is a wonderful time in Kyoto. The days are warm and the skies are blue, and after the festivities of the cherry viewing or hanami season, the streets and canals are filled with the warm fragrance of the spring shoots; with the blooming azaleas adding color and life to the scene.

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