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Culture in Gunma

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Kawaba Denen Plaza 9

Kawaba Denen Plaza

Lynda Hogan

Kawaba Denen Plaza is a multi-award winning roadside station in Kawaba Village, Gunma. Great choice of food for eat in or tak...

Isama Studio Park

Isama Studio Park

Dorothee Tsunoda

Isama Studio park is a movie studio where a famous Japanese movie from the 90s, The Sleeping Man, was filmed. The movie is a...

Kusatsu Matsuri 6

Kusatsu Matsuri

C. Rio

On two occasions, I have had the pleasure of not only attending, but participating in one of the best matsuri (summer festiva...

Maebashi Rose Park 11

Maebashi Rose Park

Aline Laborde

There are many things to do at Shikishima Park, one of which is visiting the Rose Garden to the north. Although mid-May to ea...