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Ladki Indian Restaurant

Ladki, Matsuyama’s longest established Indian restaurant, is located on Hanazonomachi, an attractive street just round the corner from Matsuyama’s City Station.


Indian food at Shin-yokohama's Cubic Plaza, the station's shinkansen adjacent shopping center

Akasaka Bar Yokocho

Akasaka Bal-Yokocho combines Spanish bar culture along with Japanese yokocho culture. Comparing with traditional Japanese Izakaya, it is composed of nine individual shops, and offers a wider variety of food. You can either stand by the food counter and watch the chef cook while eating, or take a seat in the common area and enjoying the relaxing environment. It is so convenient that you can try different kinds of food and drinks at the same time, so it is highly recommended for greedy drinkers who would love to enjoy various things overnight.

Bombay Bazar

Bombay Bazar offers good, organic comfort food in an eclectic cafe environment, where you feel like you could linger for hours.

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