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The adorably presented Kirby Afternoon Tea set
The adorably presented Kirby Afternoon Tea set (Photo: PR Times)

Kirby Afternoon Tea

A limited-time event in Fukuoka

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Venue : Kirby Cafe Hakata When : Jun 1st - Jun 27th 2021, 2:40pm - 9:00pm

For a limited time, the Kirby Cafe in Fukuoka will be hosting a Fountain of Dreams Afternoon Tea event. The afternoon tea set contains a variety of beautifully presented dishes - both sweet and savory - including the likes of Kirby macarons, egg salad and tuna croissants, and tomato soup. The cafe shop also has plenty of adorable Kirby merchandise available for purchase if you'd like a souvenir from your visit.

The price per head is 2,948 yen, and it includes a souvenir plate and the drink of your choice (options include tea, coffee, and soft drinks). Advance reservations are highly recommended for the event, and they can be arranged via the official website here.

Getting there

The Kirby Cafe in Fukuoka is located at the Canal City Hakata North Building. It can be accessed within 10 to 15 minutes on foot from Hakata Station, which is served by various lines including the Sanyo Shinkansen, the Kyushu Shinkansen, and the Kagoshima Main Line.


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