The lounge area looks very much like a café (Photo: Nguyễn Hà Nguyên)

Montan Hakata Hostel in Fukuoka

A good place for cheap accommodation near Fukuoka Airport

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Montan Hakata Hostel is located close to International Fukuoka Airport taking you around 5-10 minutes to get there by taxi from the airport. The hostel is one of Japan's famous low-priced accommodation that draws a lot of interest from travelers, especially those who are just looking for a nice and decent place to stay at in Fukuoka without costing too much.

The cheapest approach is a bunk bed with a full bedding set available in a dormitory room and shared bathrooms. Montan Hakata Hostel has a spacious lounge area which looks exactly like a coffee shop. Here you can sit around with some drinks or a meal, some chitchat with family and friends, rest with some of the magazines or books available or wait for the taxi to pick you up. There is also a table tennis set at the lounge available for you to have some fun time with others. What struck me the most is the very modern and convenient bathroom which definitely lifts up your mood for shower time after a long trip. The bathrooms are fully equipped with make-up tables, hair dryers and cosmetic products available.

In terms of services, you get free WiFi access throughout the building and there are also some computers for you to use at the entrance. Bicycles are also available for rent if you would like to travel around the area while enjoying some fresh air. There is a shared lounge and shared kitchen with microwave, electric kettle and refrigerator if you would like to have some instant ramen or other frozen food. Furthermore, you will get free breakfast here even you just stay here for one night regardless of your room type.

The hostel is also near a park and a 7-Eleven convenience store where you could easily grab some food or daily necessities with just a few steps. In addition, there is a matcha café next to the 7-Eleven store that serves all kinds of matcha-flavoured sweets and drinks like cake, bread and tea which is absolutely great for matcha fans.

Most visitors choose to stay at Montan Hakata because of its cheap prices and close proximity to International Fukuoka Airport. It's very convenient when you have an early flight and don’t want to arrive late or miss it. In addition, you can reserve your room online through booking service websites that offer discounts. You can also cancel your booking anytime with a full refund as long as it’s before the given date, normally one week earlier.

All in all, Montan Hakata Hostel in Fukuoka is good accommodation for anyone looking for convenience and affordability.

Getting there

Montan Hakata Hostel is located 5-10 minutes by taxi from Fukuoka Airport's international terminal and a few minutes by Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line from Higashi-Hie Station to the domestic terminal.

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