Rusa Ruka Pancake Café

A good place to indulge your inner sweet tooth

Faye Close
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Rusa Ruka Pancake café is a good place to indulge your inner sweet tooth. This café is the epitome of one of the many cute and quirky teashops Japan has to offer; serving food ranging from savoury to sweet in an ideal café environment. The specialised pancakes served are beautifully presented, with delicious flavours and appropriate condiments. The setting is similar to a small European teashop and thus creates a calming and comfortable atmosphere. The staff members are also friendly and eager to help, completing the relaxing and calming nature of the café. Furthermore, you’ll find your cup is never empty as the service is impeccable and served with a smile.

This café springs to life, being tastefully decorated with European ornaments, wooden tables and artwork. In terms of food, the café offers soup, pasta, salad, sandwiches and a wide and varied range of pancakes both savoury and sweet. The pasta and soup of the day changes regularly and perfectly matches the taste of it condiments. The menu is very affordable and the portions that are served are filling. A children’s menu is also available. As for non-Japanese speakers, the menu is accompanied with pictures and equivalent English translations for almost every dish, making it very simple to place your order. All food is beautifully displayed on highly appropriate china, with delectable patterns that match the café’s quaint decor. Additionally, on the second floor you are able to purchase European goods, such as biscuit tins, shoes and jewelry.

Rusa Ruka Pancake café is located in Moritsune, only 5-10 minutes’ walk from the Moritsune monorail station in Kitakyushu, making it an easily accessible relaxing getaway site. I highly recommend it as a perfect dating spot or a nice café to spend leisurely time with friends and family. Additionally, the calm and quiet ambience of the café is perfect for a meal over a good novel. Better yet, this café has an offer for birthdays, whereby the waiters decorate the customer’s food with a birthday message specific to the customer. This is therefore a recommended location for a birthday tea party.

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