Famous for being the only location in Tokyo that sources its drinking water from its own underground reservoirs, Akishima City also pleases with some quite unique temples and shrines. With natural piety, cultural heritages and multi-day festivals, the locations here deliver. Here is an introduction to some of the temples and shrines of Akishima and how to reach them.

Fumyoji Temple

A wonderful place to stroll and take in the detail, Fumyoji Temple invites with its sanmon-style wooden gate and gentle ambience. The garden at the temple sets it apart from others and though simple, is home to plenty of floral colour during the blooming season while the trees provide a grounded touch of natural dignity.

A 9-minute drive from Akishima Station on the JR Ome Line.

Haijima Daishi Temple

Along with its well-maintained grounds and 5-storied pagoda, the standout feature of Haijima Daishi Temple is its incredible wooden romon-style gate. Come New Years, this 16th-century temple gets a pump in popularity with 600 daruma doll vendors setting up shop for the two days of the New Year Daruma Market.

A 20-minute walk from Akishima Station or a 7-minute drive from Hajima Station on the JR Ome Line.

Haijima Hyoshi Shrine

Established in the late 16th-century, Haijima Hyoshi Shrine comes with accolades galore. Both it and its neighbour, Dainichi-do Temple, have been recognised as historic places within the city while at the same time, the shrine's annual Sakaki Festival held in September has been designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Tokyo.

A 25-minute walk from Akishima Station or a 6-minute drive from Hajima Station on the JR Ome Line.

Ryushinji Temple

With its spring waters ranked amongst Tokyo's top 100, Ryushinji Temple already has a positive reputation. A solid bell tower sits within the grounds while the carp-filled pond is an easily appreciated point of interest. The paintings on the main building's cedar wood ceiling boards and room partitions are listed as tangible cultural properties.

A 7-minute drive from Haijima Station on the JR Ome Line.