Home to a surprising number and variety of museums and galleries, Itabashi City Ward is bound to impress. From locations that celebrate the classic retro fun of yesteryear and the family fun of knowledge and learning to some of the nation's most historically sublime traditional arts, the city has it all. Here is an introduction to some of the museums and galleries of Itabashi and how to reach them.

Dagashiya Game Museum

Fans of Japanese retro culture will absolutely adore this tiny little labour of love. Full of classic arcade games, both mechanical and electronic, the Dagashiya Game Museum is a buzz of whirling motors and old school bells and whistles. Fun and utterly casual, JPY200 buys a cupful of tokens to be used on the machines.

A 6-minue walk from Itabashihoncho Station on the Toei Mita Line.

Itabashi Art Museum

Showcasing avante-garde Japanese works, the Itabashi Art Museum is Tokyo's first municipal art museum. Known also for its collection of Kano school paintings from the Edo period, the museum is an important supporter of artists connected to the local area. Opened for exhibitions only, the JPY650 admission fee is a steal.

A 13-minute walk from Nishi-Takashimadaira Station on the Toei Mita Line.

Itabashi Science and Education Museum

With its free admission, the Itabashi Science and Education Museum is not only easy on the budget but with its interactive exhibits, simply great for the family. From butterflies and dinosaurs to cars and engineering, the museum is an easy place for the kids to get lost in exploration and discovery.

A 5-minute walk from Kami-Itabashi Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

Japanese Calligraphy Museum

The Japanese Calligraphy Museum was the first museum in Japan to specialise in calligraphy and is a must for any serious admirer of one the nation's most famous and enduring styles of art. Works from the ninth century up until modern times are on display. The museum is also heavily involved in the promotion of traditional calligraphy.

A 1-minute walk from Tokiwadai Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.