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Plenty of cherry blossoms await!
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Akagi Nanmen Cherry Blossom Festival

1000 cherry trees adjacent to vibrant yellow rapeseed

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Venue : Maebashi, Gunma, Japan When : Early - Mid Apr 2022

Each year around mid-April, Gunma is home to the Akagi Nanmen Cherry Blossom Festival. The event showcases the beauty of around 1000 cherry trees in bloom, adjacent to fields of vibrant yellow rapeseed flowers. The combination of the two makes for a picture-perfect spring scene! For those who can't make it to the area to enjoy the blooms during the day, they're typically illuminated after the sun sets so that visitors can enjoy them well into the evening.

As is the case for most flower events, the dates can change slightly from year to year depending on blooming conditions. Based on last year's dates, plan for around the first to third weeks of April.

Getting there

The Akagi Nanmen Cherry Blossom Festival can be accessed in around 30 minutes drive from the Isesaki IC of the Kita-Kanto Expressway, or about 40 minutes from the Kanetsu Expressway's Akagi IC. On-site parking is available.


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