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Gunma Flower Park

Year-round beauty at this family-friendly venue

tanaka_juuyoh / CC BY 2.0
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Japan is renowned for having beautiful nature to appreciate no matter the season in which you visit, and that's a factual assessment of the Gunma Flower Park. Located by Mount Akagi, the 184 square-kilometer venue has multiple flowers and plants in bloom at any time of the year.

Of particular interest are the various festivals held on the grounds here. The spring months pack in peony, tulip, primrose, and azalea festivals, but there's no shortage of events to enjoy outside peak season, either. There are beautiful rose and dahlia festivals during summer and autumn, and peach blossoms and orchids to enjoy in the greenhouses during winter. The winter months also are home to an impressive annual illumination event, where the park extends its hours later into the evening.

For those with children, you'll be pleased to know that the park is very family-friendly. There is a hedge maze, playground, park train (at an additional fee of 300 yen), and the opportunity to participate in a range of hands-on crafts here. There are also plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or drink, including fast-food styled options right through to the Hanamizuki Restaurant, which prepares a variety of dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

Do note that the admission costs here differ with the seasons. The peak spring season from April until June is 720 yen, and then outside those months admission is 610 yen.

Getting there

By Public Transport:

Gunma Flower Park is located approximately a ten minute taxi ride from Ogo Station, on the privately owned Jomo Electric Railway Line. There is also an on-demand bus available from the station to the flower park at a cost of 210 yen.

By Private Vehicle:

The park is located approximately 22 kilometers from the Kan-Etsu Expressway's Akagi Exit. The drive from the exit takes around 30 minutes. Free parking for up to 500 cars is available at the venue.


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