Atomic Bomb Dome against the evening sky (Photo: Cathy Cawood)

An Evening in Hiroshima

Sunset views of the Atomic Bomb Dome

Cathy Cawood   - 1 min read


A programme of preservation works continues from Sept 2020 until Mar 2021, though it is not expected to result in major scaffolding or disrupted views / <a href="">Source</a>

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After checking into our hotel in Hiroshima, we decided to walk to the Peace Park, which remains open to the public at night. We wanted to see the Eternal Flame monument there. We were lucky to enjoy a beautiful sunset as we walked past the Atomic bomb Dome, the only thing left standing in the center of the bomb blast. Hiroshima is such an attractive and pleasant city in spite of the horrors it endured at the close of World War 2, so it always seems like a symbol of hope to me.

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