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American style place with lively atmosphere

By JJ Walsh    - 3 min read

When KeMBYs first opened over a decade ago it was like a breath of fresh air. This American style restaurant-bar was the first "international" bar in which there was room to swing the proverbial cat. KeMBY's is a fun, lively place to enjoy good food, friendly staff and a fun atmosphere when visiting Hiroshima.

Kemby's has become popular again as a popular live music venue and eatery. Owner-manager Prakash, has built a good reputation for Kemby's as he has pulled people back to KeMBYs by raising the level of food and service while retaining its relaxed atmosphere.

Signature American dishes; the KeMBYs burger (¥780-¥1100 with fries) has been “beefed up”, the onion ring tower is always a conversation piece among groups, and the Tex-Mex favorite burritos and fajitas can go some way to satisfying those in need of this hard to find in Japan, American favorite.

The bulk of the menu, consists of Italian influenced dishes which include salads, pasta, risotto, pizza, meats and fish. A few of these appetizers accompanied by a glass of wine would also make for a nice light meal.

The owner says he is doing his best to make sure as much of the produce as possible is locally sourced. The number of plates of carpaccio - raw fish in a delicate dressing- available on any given day is limited by how much quality fish is available on that day at the central fish market, raw fish lovers should arrive early. Eggs are also delivered fresh daily from a local farm and clams from Ono-cho across the water from Miyajima. Mr Zenitani’s hadnmade sausages, produced in Fuchu, change season to season.

Vegetarians are catered for with a choice of dishes that, here in Japan, is not to be sniffed at, and will take more than a couple of visits to exhaust. The chefs are also more than happy to accommodate dietary preferences wherever they can so customers are more than welcome to make requests off the menu.

New Year's Eve and Kemby's Anniversary nights are especially fun and lively - check the Kemby facebook page for more pictures, special offers, live events, and closing dates for private parties.

Happy Hour: ¥200 off all alcoholic beverages 17:30-19:30 every day.

  • Multiligual staff
  • English & Japanese Menu
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Seating for around 60 on 1st Floor
  • Second Floor room available for private parties of 8-20
  • Reservations ok
  • WiFi access available (ask for password)
  • No parking available, but ¥100 Parking nearby

Kemby’s on Facebook

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JJ Walsh

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I've been living in Hiroshima since the mid 90's & still discovering new things to enjoy. I'm a big fan of both the old "wabi sabi" as well as modern and new designs, Japan offers both of these type of places to explore and enjoy. Even after many years here, I am still discovering surprising, fantastic and wacky things about this strange and wonderful land. I hope you enjoy your adventures around Japan- feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about traveling with kids, vegetarian dining or anything specific to Hiroshima.

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