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Beautiful moss phlox (shibazakura) at Sera Kogen Flower Village
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Moss Phlox and Nemophila at Sera Kogen Flower Village

Two varieties of springtime blooms in Hiroshima

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Sera Kogen Flower Village, Hiroshima When : Early Apr - Mid May 2022

Hiroshima's Sera Kogen Flower Village is home to a number of different events throughout the year, but during spring is when the venue really comes alive. Their annual moss phlox and nemophila event sees the village grounds blanketed in shades of blue, pink, white, and purple, creating a whimsical and dreamlike scene.

The sheer size of the flower village here has to be seen to be believed - their moss phlox (also known as shibazakura) field is the largest in west Japan, the 2nd largest in Honshu, and 4th largest in the whole of Japan, and their nemophila is the largest in west Japan and the second largest in Japan overall.

Getting there

The Sera Kogen Flower Village is located approximately 25 minutes from the Miyoshi IC on the Chugoku Expressway, around 40 minutes from the Kawachi IC of the Sanyo Expressway, and around 50 minutes from the Saijo IC, also on the Sanyo Expressway.


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