Nekomoto Bicycle Shop (Photo: Nekomoto Bicycles)

Nekomoto Bicycle Shop

Trek mountain bikes and road bikes, repairs & advice

Nekomoto Bicycle Shop (Photo: Nekomoto Bicycles)
JJ Walsh   - 3 min read

Hiroshima city reminds me in some ways of the city of Amsterdam- as it is criss-crossed with rivers. And alongside these rivers, there are many easy to follow bicycle paths offering not only an easy way to get in and out of the city, but also providing visitors and residents with an opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural views while commuting.

These riverside paths are great for rides, jogs, or walks at any time of year. Hiroshima riverside paths are especially beautiful in the spring when the trees that line it are full of pink flowers in bloom. Another picturesque time to enjoy the riverside is in autumn when the maple leaves in the trees change into shades of green, golden, auburn and yellow.

There are a few great traffic-free cycling paths from the city center if you start from Hiroshima's central park, you can use these paths for a good 15 kilometers before having to even stop at a traffic light crossing.

As a tourist visiting the city, it's quite easy to ride around the city as there are many hotels and hostels that offer cheap bicycle rentals. If you are a keen cyclist you will be pleased to discover that Hiroshima's geography- great mountains and coastal routes connected by rivers- offers many great opportunities for longer riding adventures while you are here.

If you are looking for a new bicycle, parts, service or are in need of advice about good cycling routes, or local races, Nekomoto bicycle shop is a good choice. It is a full-service shop in a convenient location (not far from Hiroshima station). The couple who run it now have taken over a long-running family bicycle business and changed it into this upscale Trek shop.

Alongside fantastic mountain bicycles and road bikes in a range of sizes, Nekomoto also carries all the essential cycling gear, or they can order it to get it for you in less than a week.

Once a week, usually on Sunday mornings, a group will meet in front of the shop to do a long ride together in the countryside. This weekly ride is usually open to any cyclist who would like to join and this is a great way to see the countryside and great cycling routes without getting completely lost. The level of cycling is usually quite fast, but sometimes they also have hobby cyclists who hang back in the group and they all meet up at pre-determined rest stops.

The staff at Nekomoto can speak a little English and if they are not too busy, are usually happy to talk with you at leisure, but try to buy at least a little something first to break the ice. Some of our favorite products at Nekomoto's besides their bicycles and essential high quality bike parts are the sports gels, cycling wear, helmets, shoes, sunglasses and a good range of locks, lights and other accessories.

Nekomoto bicycle shop is open everyday, except Wednesday, from 8am to 8pm. They accept all major credit cards.

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