The view from the balcony in my room (Photo: Kim)

Hot Spring Lodge Daiichi

A remote hot springs resort in Nakashibetsu

The view from the balcony in my room (Photo: Kim)
Kim   - 3 min read

The Nakashibetsu region of Hokkaido is a brilliant spot to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. If you're visiting the area and find yourself looking for a place to stay, Hot Spring Lodge Daiichi is a great option. This comfortable ryokan is located around 30 minutes from Nakashibetsu Airport, and it's the perfect place to relax and appreciate the stunning natural surroundings.

One of the most popular ways to spend time here is simply by going on a nature walk. Bird and animal watching is one of the highlights, and if you're lucky you may catch glimpses of owls, Japanese sables, and more. Many visitors also enjoy fishing during the July to September timeframe, and the lodge rents out fishing gear for free so there's no requirement to bring your own.

Because of the remote location of the lodge, meals are served on-site - and the food is fantastic. Breakfast is buffet-style, with a wide variety of options to suit just about anyone's palate. There is fresh seafood through to French toast, local Hokkaido milk, numerous fruits, vegetable dishes, and more. Typically at breakfast the lodge runs mochi pounding demonstrations where visitors can give it a try for themselves, and it's harder than the experts make it seem. Right now due to COVID they've ceased this out of an abundance of caution, but hopefully it will resume in the future - it's a fun way to enjoy a cultural experience during your stay. Dinner was served in a kaiseki (traditional multi-course) format, and included a host of different dishes, many of which were seafood-based.

As for the rooms here, there are options for both Japanese-style and Western-style beds. The room I had was Western-style, and had two single beds, a comfortable sitting area that looked out over the snow-dusted riverbank, in-room bathroom facilities, and a small balcony area. Some rooms have private onsen facilities on their balconies, but if yours doesn't there is a private bath available for rent (each reservation is for a 45 minute increment), or numerous public baths. The public outdoor baths are particularly revered for their beauty - you've got the surrounding mountains for scenery, along with the tranquil sounds of the nearby flowing river and the chirping of birdlife.

Getting there

Hot Spring Lodge Daiichi is located around 30 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu Airport, or approximately 90 minutes by car from the Kushiro area.

Shuttle bus services are also available from Nakashibetsu Airport to the lodge (2 pm departure), and from the lodge to the hotel (11 am departure). Reservations are required in advance in order to utilize these services, so please confirm with the lodge staff at least three days before your planned arrival or departure.


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