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Elegant movement meets modern interpretation
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Yosakoi Soran Festival in Sapporo

The energy of Japanese dance

Serena Ogawa   - 1 min read
Venue : Odori street When : Early - Mid Jun 2022

Yosakai is an event filled with dancing and fun. Come and watch powerful, dynamic dance performances from up close. And if you're feeling brave enough, join in on the fun!

In Odori Park and on special event stages set up across Sapporo City, you will witness a colorful and energetic display of the finest dancing the city has to offer. Most commonly, teams from across Hokkaido will compete with their thrilling dances to see who can inhabit the spirit of this lively festival.

If you like wild music, emphatic dancing, Japanese festivals, or just the sheer energy of it all then Yosakoi Soran Festival is where you need to be!

Serena Ogawa

Serena Ogawa @serena.ogawa

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