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The Miracle Planet Museum of Plants

Visiting Awaji Yumebutai's Kiseki No Hoshi greenhouse

Maryem Samet
Maryem Samet   - 3 min read

Does the title sound weird? To be honest, that’s how I felt during my visit to the Kiseki No Hoshi greenhouse, a botanical garden in Awaji-shima in Japan. Located at the Awaji Yumebutai, the greenhouse is also called the Miracle Planet Museum of Plants. I really felt like I was in a magical place as you will feel like you are in a place that differs from any other gardens or parks in Japan, or even in the world — a charming, must-visit place!

Before coming to live on Awaji-shima, I researched on places to explore on the island. On my way to Awaji Yumebutai, designed by the famous architect Tadao Ando, and attracts people from miles away, I found that a greenhouse was in the same area. Well, my good luck led to my discovery of Japan’s largest and most beautiful botanical museum, which is also designed by Ando.

When I entered the greenhouse, I exclaimed: "Awaji wonder island!". It is such an amazing place. It is a "pure beauty", a mixture of traditional design and modernity in different types of gardens. Astonishing roses, cherries, plants from different species and origins surrounded me.

The colorful and sweet-smelling flowers, along with the flow of water, created a magical scene where visitors feel like fairies living in extraordinary beauty.

A group of high-precision and detail-oriented workers were taking care of this kingdom of plants happily and energetically, just like worker bees. That happiness is contagious and will definitely be kept in your memories.

After being in Awaji for a month, I realized that I have seen more than I have expected or planned. While the internet can help you travel via your imagination, there is definitely a huge difference between watching pictures on internet and being in the picture itself, and I chose to include one personal picture to share with you.

You need to free yourself from usual and famous destinations and give yourself the chance to experiment new destinations.

Awaji-shima is a wonder island that hides a lot of amazing surprises for its visitors!

Getting there

The nearest train station is JR Maiko Stn. From there, take the express bus to “Awaj Yumebutai”. For those that come with JR Shinkansen (Bullet Train), get off at Shin-Kobe, then take the express bus directed to “Awaji Yumebutai”, which is available approximately once an hour.

Maryem Samet

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