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Spicy Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Indian Food Near Mito, Ibaraki - #5

Philip Gregory
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Having made my first article on Japan Tourist about one of my favorite restaurants in Mito City, I thought it fitting to continue on with restaurants for this article. It isn’t as if Mito City is lacking other things to do; it’s just that I like to eat…particularly Indian Food. What follows is part one of a series of reviews where I reviewed 5 restaurants, all located in or near Mito City in Ibaraki prefecture. Each restaurant I review has something unique to offer, and each has its own strengths, and weaknesses. I ranked them in reverse order to that in which I score them, with number one being my personal favorite. Keep in mind that all of the restaurants in this series offer items that are not reviewed here, and that they all are great places to eat. That being said, on to the restaurants: Spicy Tandoor, Nanbaru, Ram, Mandala, and Langar.

#5 Spicy Tandoor (スパイシータンドール)

Pluses: Cheapest, unlimited naan at dinnertime, tandoor chicken

I know, I know…you are reading this, having gone to Spicy Tandoor, and you are thinking: “What? Are you kidding? That place is great!” You are right. Spicy Tandoor is great. It just isn’t the best. Let me explain. Spicy Tandoor is an excellent little place. The atmosphere is good, the staff is good, and the price is really good. For 1080 yen, a customer is able to get unlimited naan, curry, drinks, desert, salad, chicken, potato wedges, noodles, and more. The best part: this extravaganza goes on at all times, not just at lunch hour. That’s right - unlimited naan for 1080 yen, during dinner rush. You might be tempted to say, “Okay, done. This place wins! Number one!” but don’t rush it.

Spicy Tandoor’s curry is delicious, and if you need to save a buck, there is no other place to go - especially considering the massive amounts of it you can consume for 1080 yen. Still, it is incredibly runny and just…average. The naan is average compared to many of the Indian restaurants. The best feature might actually be their Tandoor Chicken, which is absolutely amazing and endless. That coupled with their cheese naan and the price, might have made Spicy Tandoor worth visiting more than a few times, if they hadn’t recently destroyed their service level.

Next on the list: "Langar," near Katsuta Station in Ibaraki, Japan. See the next article in this series for the full review.

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