Front desk of HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa (Photo: Hotel MyStays Kanazawa)

HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa

A feeling of home

Front desk of HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa (Photo: Hotel MyStays Kanazawa)
Charles Colfer   - 4 min read

Kanazawa is an incredible city vibrant with culture and life. Much like the nearby Kansai region cities, Kanazawa has many physical reminders of Japan’s past and more traditional elements with temples, entire districts untouched by the war with their classic architecture still intact and one of Japan’s most famed gardens. Once Japan’s second largest city, this coastal scene still holds an urban feel, creating a pleasant mix of modern and traditional culture. In any visit to Japan, consider this to be near the top of your list.

HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa provides a perfect home-base of operations for a regional trip and if you choose to stay in this high-end hotel you will certainly not be disappointed. From the minute you walk in the door their friendly, caring and attentive staff quickly and kindly take care of you and answer any questions you may have. Any issues or inquiries are no trouble at all with their multi-lingual staff, especially for the first-time Japan visitor! Convenience is key and from Kanazawa Station it is only a five minute walk.

Their facilities are absolutely fantastic, I was pleasantly surprised checking into my room. Just like with every location, they have fresh and comfortable spreads on their beds, memory foam pillows (and regular pillows if you so care). On either side of the beds are switches for all the main lights in the room, outlets for your devices and an easy to use alarm clock. Depending on which size room you choose your results may vary, but every room has a desk with outlets and desk lamp, as sometimes work is necessary on the road. It was also really nice to have an electric kettle and free teas of many sorts to make whenever I want, especially in the morning. The bathroom left no detail out. Full bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, bath salts, soft, comfortable towels and refillable personal hygiene products. The water pressure was strong, reliable and took no time to heat up at all. The other amenities like the internet and flat screen television worked very well, with multi-lingual instructions in an information binder at the desk.

I think the most important part of a hotel or place to stay while on vacation is not just a place to sleep. While you are on a trip for sightseeing or any other activities, it is really important to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed where you are staying. If you are not feeling well, tired after doing whatever the day found you, you should feel comfortable staying in your room for some rest. Rooms at MYSTAYS certainly hold that quality, making you feel at home even if you are far away. This is truly a location where you can kick your shoes off and completely unwind after a day of exploration.

Another fantastic aspect about this location is their additional facilities. The restaurant on the first floor serves delicious foods of a wide variety at reasonable prices. If you do not feel like venturing out to find food, it is very convenient to have it there waiting for you. They also have a fitness room, as well as a library room. The fitness area has treadmills, stair masters and other cardio machines as well as free weights and some weight machines. Their library is a softly lit room with comfortable couches and armchairs and bookcases filled with many books of different languages. It provides a quiet area for relaxation or study; there is even a chess board.

You can find all sorts of travel information, pamphlets and maps by the front desk, and do not be afraid to ask the staff for any information or questions, they are happy to help. HOTEL MYSTAYS Premier Kanazawa will guarantee a great stay.

Charles Colfer

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