JR East Shin-Hanamaki serves the Tohoku Shinkansen line (Photo: Chris Barnes)

JR East Shin-Hanamaki Station

Your gateway to central Iwate

JR East Shin-Hanamaki serves the Tohoku Shinkansen line (Photo: Chris Barnes)
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Shin-Hanamaki is a railway station operated by the East Japan Railway (JR East) company in Hanamaki, Iwate prefecture. The station has operated since 1985 and currently serves the Tohoku Shinkansen and Kamaishi Line.

The layout of the station is user friendly and easy to navigate. The station is quite small and features large signage with clear directions to assist its customers, with no shortage of staff on hand to assist. As with most JR East stations, there is no shortage of information boards which will guide you to where you want to go if you do find yourself in the wrong place. There is also a small information office, complete with a local culture exhibition showcasing Iwate's rich culture and traditions. The exhibition features numerous large glass display cabinets with local produce, culture specific costumes, food, drinks and information on the history of Hanamaki. I highly recommend a visit if you have the time on your next visit to Shin-Hanamaki.

The interior of the station has a somewhat weathered feeling given its age but has all the necessities like information center, reservations office, kiosk and souvenir stores. The biggest difference you will notice compared to other JR stations is the narrow platforms and walkways. The station has two Shinkansen platforms, both of which are protected by barriers, which are relatively narrow. It's wise to take this into account if you are running late for your train or trying to find your correct reservation carriage.

Shin-Hanamaki currently serves the Tohoku Shinkansen and Kamaishi Line. The Kamaishi line is located outside the station and runs perpendicular to the Shinkansen tracks. The station is usually manned and only has one platform for trains arriving and departing. The platform is quite narrow, but given the low level of foot traffic coming off the single carriage trains, it's easily navigated. To access the Tohoku Shinkansen tracks, you must exit via the underground walkway which will put you right at the front of Shin-Hanamaki station. The station features two Shinkansen tracks and once inside the main station, it's easy to find your correct platform.

Outside the central exit of Shin-Hanamaki station is a small park which has smoking facilities and also vending machines and water fountains. There is a small taxi rank, as well as a JR Rental Car office with great rates on daily car rental.

Shin-Hanamaki is another impressive station operated by JR East.

Check out the video of a Shinkansen passing by the station, exhilarating!

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