The Olivean Shodoshima Resort Hotel (Photo: The Olivean Shodoshima Resort Hotel)

The Olivean Shodoshima Resort Hotel

Mountain-top Shodo Island resort with amazing views

The Olivean Shodoshima Resort Hotel (Photo: The Olivean Shodoshima Resort Hotel)
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The Olivean Resort Hotel has all that you need for a relaxing, luxurious getaway. Nestled atop the foothills of the mountain range that spans the breadth of Shodo Island, the hotel grounds offer stunning views of green mountains, gentle coastline, and the rippling waters of the Seto Inland Sea.

Although Shodo Island is full of things to do, you can easily spend all of your time at the Olivean. You can eat, drink, play sports, and take a dip in a hot spring bath. All of this is available to you from the comfort and convenience of your hotel. The hotel staff will take care of your travel needs as well. For those arriving from Tonosho port, a free shuttle can be arranged to pick you up and take you to the resort. The staff can arrange for car rentals while you stay if you are interesting in driving around. If you have your own car, the resort is a short, scenic drive from any of the ferry ports on the island and has parking to spare. The hotel lobby floor has a store that sells a huge variety of local specialties, including olive oil skin care products made from local olives, as well as a variety of food, souvenirs, drinks, and sake from throughout Kagawa. A breakfast buffet is complimentary with your stay. In the evening, there is a massive gourmet buffet at the hotel restaurant. Alcoholic beverages are also served from a full bar. There is a chapel on the grounds and many people get married here for the scenery.

One of the main attractions, and possibly the most prized, is the view. Most of the rooms are designed to have a magnificent view of the setting sun. Other rooms are facing the sunrise, and still others for pet owners open onto a dog entrance and play area. The dreamy landscape of green mountains and blue sea gives guests a gorgeous view at any time of day and even on clear nights, but the sunset is truly the best time to be enjoying the scenery. The sunset views are nationally acclaimed and the pride of every member of the hotel staff. On a clear day, when the sun is setting, the lobby has complimentary champagne and orange juice so you can enjoy the view in style. The colorful, dramatic backdrop is also great while playing any of the sports on the grounds. If a private view is more to your taste, in the rooms the entire wall facing the view is made of crystal clear glass sliding doors. Wherever you are in the room you are always able to see the landscape through your wall-sized window. When it's warm, you can step out onto the private deck and get a more panoramic view of the surroundings.

The hotel even boasts its own hot springs, with outdoor baths that allow you to enjoy the views even as you soak. On the same floor, located near the entrance to the springs, a full array of spa services is available.

On the grounds there is a dog run, several fields for recreational use, a 9 hole golf/disc-golf course, mini golf, table tennis, and courts for racket sports. These grounds are open to public use, so even if you do not stay at the hotel it is worth a visit to spend some time playing outdoor sports on the resort grounds. I played disc golf and it was very inexpensive, with free rental discs included. Whatever you come here for, the views are spectacular at any time of the day.

As a guest in this 5-star resort hotel, you really never have to leave the grounds to enjoy a luxurious vacation filled with physical activity and relaxation. For those with vehicles or who wish to rent a car, the entire island and its rustic beauty is at your disposal. The hotel makes a great location for day trips or excursions anywhere on the island.

Some of these excursions could include

  • The Marukin Soy Sauce Museum- A great place to learn about the long cultural history of soy sauce making, as well as a place to try surprisingly delicious cone of soy sauce ice cream!
  • Kankakei (Kanka Gorge) - Thrilling natural landscapes that are especially popular to see in autumn colors. Visitors can hike, picnic, and go up for an aerial view in a gondola.
  • Setouchi International Art Festival- Shodo and several surrounding islands put on a multi-island art festival that occurs every three years. This year, 2016, the festival will be held for a total of 108 days throughout the year.
  • Shodo Island's 88 Temple Pilgrimage - A course of 88 sacred places that go around the entire island that can be hiked, cycled, or toured by car over several days
  • Angel Road - A sandbar that connects three small islands with the mainland of Shodo during low tides

For those looking to stay at a luxury hotel, the Olivean has everything you could ask for and more. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the island and the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea.



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