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Jun 6th
The Kanoya Rose Garden is Japan's largest rose garden
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Kanoya Rose Garden Spring Festival

Colorful spring blooms to enjoy in Kagoshima

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Venue : Kanoya Rose Garden, Kagoshima When : Apr 29th - Jun 6th 2021, 9:00am - 5:00pm

To celebrate the arrival of spring, the Kanoya Rose Garden in Kagoshima Prefecture hosts an annual festival where approximately 35,000 roses comprising of 1500 different varieties will be in bloom. Spanning an impressive 8 hectares, the venue lays claim to being Japan's largest rose garden.

Along with the impressive number of roses to enjoy, there is also an on-site restaurant with some unique menu items such as rose-flavored soft serve ice cream and a rose curry that comes served in a pinkish hue.

Admission to the garden is priced at 630 yen for adults, and 110 yen for children.

Getting there

The Kanoya Rose Garden is located around 40 minutes drive from Tarumizu Port, or around 60 minutes drive from Sakurajima Port. On site parking is available.

For those who are visiting via public transport, there is a bus direct to Kanoya from Kagoshima Station - the journey takes around 2 hours.


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