Dusk in Minato Mirai (Photo: Vicky Amin)

Cruising the Waters of Yokohama

A short boat ride that will last forever in one's heart

Vicky Amin   - 2 min read

Not many of us would include Yokohama by default or voluntarily on the must-visit list while traveling in Japan. As a result, not many of us would be aware that Tokyo's closest neighbor has many views that can make people stand in awe just seeing them. One of those is the panoramic scenery that you can enjoy in the area of Yokohama Port, which can be even more special if you relish it on a boat ride.

Minato Mirai is one of Yokohama's best deals. The area can be considered as the champion of the city's attraction list because while it's totally free of charge and is strategically located in the heart of Yokohama, the atmosphere coming out of this place is different compared to the ones you can find in Tokyo. I have experienced it myself, and not only on foot (because of course, it's a good method to make the most of the waterfront), but also literally in the middle of its waters, using one of the city's methods of public transport known as the "Sea Bass".

Despite the short ride from Minato Mirai to the pier in Yamashita Park (located not so far from Yokohama Chinatown), I was treated to a spectacular view of the waterfront, complete with Yokohama's iconic skyscrapers lining up gallantly in the background. As if it wasn't enough, Yokohama turned its sky to some dramatic dusk hues. There were striking shades of purple, decorated with glittering lights from the buildings and Ferris wheel off in the distance. With the breeze coming from the port, the 10-minute long boat ride across Yokohama Harbor that evening eventually became one of the most amazing boat rides I had ever experienced.

Getting there

From Yokohama Station, the Minato Mirai area is just 15 to 20 minutes away on foot. If you are planning to catch the "Sea Bass" straight away, the first pier is located just at the east exit of Yokohama Station.

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