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Easy Traveling: Comfort Tama Plaza

Comfortable and convenient living

Suwannee Payne
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Comfort Tama Plaza is a comfortable and convenient apartment which is located in a convenient and pleasant area. Not far from it is a park that I enjoyed visiting in the morning and evening, for a walk or just relaxing and people watching. There are mothers with little kids in the playground, children running around, and elderly having a stroll.

Not far from Comfort Tama Plaza is the Tama Plaza, a shopping area and train station. Around here, there are malls that have brand name clothing stores, gift shops and bakeries. Across the street are Tokyu department store and a budget department store ‘Seven & I Holdings’ that has so many yummy foods, good quality at good price.

The Comfort Tama Plaza is located in a convenient area for travelling. It sits between two train stations, just a short 10 minute walk from both Tama-Plaza station and Azamino Station on the Tokyu Den-en-Toshi line. The Comfort Tama Plaza is also close to Kokugakuin University and Kanrin Japanese School.

Convenient for travelling around

From Comfort Tama Plaza to central Tokyo taking the Tokyu Den-en-Toshi line from Tama-Plaza Station to Shibuya Station will take about 19 minutes.

It was also convenient for visit surrounding cities. From Comfort Tama Plaza to downtown Yokohama take the Blue line train from Azamino Station to Yokohama Station or Sakuragicho Station in about 30-40 minutes.

It is also easy to get to Kamakura. From Azamino Station take the Blue line train to Yokohama Station and catch JR Yokosuka Line to Kamakura Station. This trip will take 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.

Travelling to both Narita and Haneda Airports from Comfort Tama Plaza is so convenient; there are bus terminals at the Tama-Plaza Station from which 2 bus lines run back and forth to and from the airports.

If you are looking for long term accommodation ranging from one month up, warm and comfortable, not far from central Tokyo, close to train stations, shopping plaza, convenient to get in and out from Tokyo, feel free to contact the Comfort Tama Plaza or visit their website here.

More info

Find out more about Social Residence Tama Plaza.

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