The Comfort Tama Plaza entrance (Photo: Suwannee Payne)

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The Comfort Tama Plaza entrance (Photo: Suwannee Payne)
Suwannee Payne   - 3 min read

The comfort at Comfort Tama Plaza starts right at the front street, where trees line both sides. When summer comes, the trees will grow leaves and shade the street. I felt refreshed immediately from the fatigue of my long journey. My house in Canada is also on a tree lined street, and this alone made me feel like I was at home.

When I went through the front door, I received a warm welcome from the manager of the Comfort Tama Plaza, Fukui and his assistant. They both are gentle and very friendly. After some chatting, I felt their willingness to take care of the wellbeing of everyone in the Comfort Tama Plaza. They took time to explain various rules and show me around the place. They repeated to me several times that if I had any questions or needed some advice, they were there to help. I think this is what one is looking for when travelling or living abroad.

Comfort Tama Plaza is an apartment style that they call 'shared house '. What is a shared house, you might ask? Follow me and you will soon know. We will start at their pleasant lobby arranged in warm color tones, casual and comfortable, with lots of books and magazines to sit down and enjoy. Most of the ground floor area is shared spaces. The large kitchen is equipped with all kind of cookware including several rice cooker pots and crockery. There are dining room and living room areas which are all open, nicely and casually decorated, separate male and female bathrooms, and a versatile Studio. There's even a smoking room. This is what a shared house is like, under one roof a big house with more than a hundred rooms on 4 floors.

My room is on the third floor, which is a women only floor. How thoughtful and caring is this. My room is small and comfortable with a single bed and a desk plus a small balcony beside the bed that would be a fine place for getting some air and sunlight.

Another thing I like and wish I could take it home with me is the Japanese high-tech toilets with the watering spray button and the heated seat to replace the cold seat at my house.

Comfort Tama Plaza is located in a convenient location between two Stations, just 10 minutes’ walk from both Tama-Plaza and Azamino Station.

If you are looking for long term accommodation ranging from one month up, warm and comfortable, not far from central Tokyo, close to train stations, shopping plaza, easy to get in and out from Tokyo, feel free to contact the Comfort Tama Plaza or visit their website here.

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