Fujisawa's Creative Cafe Pensée

Creative workshop and cafe hidden along the Enoden line

By Kristen F    - 3 min read

Café Pensée always has something going on—for example participating in the 2012 ‘Swing Swang Swingin’ Jazz Showcase’ in Fujisawa or hosting the ‘Tango of Two’ exhibition for artist Kiriya Kaori.

Meant to be named after the French phrase "indulge in thought", Café Pensée is an artistic outlet for many. Pensée has hosted its fair share of pastel painting classes, craft classes, live performances, and creative gatherings since its opening in September of 1998.

With new artists featured often, diners at Café Pensée will always find something impressive and interesting. The cafe is consistent with change, offering different local artists every few weeks and changing up the art on the walls. Recently, photos from around Asia-primarily Hong Kong-give a colorful experience to diners.

Guests can have the new, unique experience of trying a creamy slice of Mojito cheesecake, lemon flavored and topped with tangy mint and lime jelly for a taste surprisingly close to the real thing minus the alcohol.

Participating as part of more Fujisawa and Shonan “café weeks” than one, Pensée occasionally runs the all-you-can-eat cake deal that packs the place primarily with young women chatting.

The café exudes a homemade feel, from the quiche to the table toppers. Guests are invited to relax on a leather sofa, at wood-hewn café tables or at wicker tables facing the window where the Enoden train lazily rolls by.

Suited for a both long, laid-back afternoon or a pit stop before boarding the Enoden for a day at Enoshima Island, the café serves up drinks like the Café Italiano, sugary with orange syrup and sharp with a bold French roast. Another drink, the Café Baileys is a saccharine and spicy cup of coffee with liquor added.

When it comes to dining, the fare is light and mainly suited to lunch or lounging.

The quiche plate comes with a side of pickles, a tiny sampling of ratatouille and a drink from the set menu. There is also the chowder rice, similar to a stew. Anyone looking for slightly heavier fare can opt for the chili sandwich or the timeless favorite, curry rice.

Finally, those ‘all-you-can-eat cake’ days bring diners to the tough choice between a Gateau chocolate cake, cinnamon chiffon, Mississippi mud cake or other equally sweet choices.

Despite cuisine and coffee being on the slightly pricey end of café fare, Café Pensée seems to keep the diners coming by regularly offering something quirky and new.

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