Food cart Lotus Baguette (Photo: Carrie Jacobs)

Lotus Baguette – Yokohama

A treasure of a food cart on Osanbashi Pier

Food cart Lotus Baguette (Photo: Carrie Jacobs)
Carrie Jacobs   - 3 min read

Whether you are a cart food cult follower, or just enjoy a simple, yet gourmet meal on the cheap, Lotus Baguette will prove a delightful little treasure. I was headed to the Osanbashi Pier for a cool breeze and sunset view; on the way I passed the little purple food cart Lotus Baguette and almost stopped for a snack. Tempted, but not ready to deviate from my path, I continued along the pier.

A companion later joined me and we soaked it all in: sunset, Yokohama Bay and some good people watching. If you’ve never been to Osanbashi Pier, with a backdrop of Minato Mirai and the Cosmo World Ferris wheel, you've got to go.

Our plan was to head to the Red Brick warehouse for dinner, however as we passed the Lotus Baguette, my companion mentioned that he was also quite intrigued by the little establishment and the adjacent building. We both do have a thing for food carts and cool architecture. So it was decided, we would give it a try.

Lotus Baguette serves only fresh, organic food and beverages. Appropriately for a bay side joint, they have a delicious New England style clam chowder that you can order as a set with crusty sour dough bread (700 JPY). This is the first time I’ve seen chowder in Japan, and it was as good as what you’d get on the Pacific Coast in my home state, Oregon. If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, they have a nice take on a grilled ham and cheese that resembles a gourmet hot pocket, with the addition of crunchy green onion. I had the chicken curry, which was spicy, Indian style, and hearty like a stew. We also enjoyed the craft beer from Okayama, Japan.

Lotus Baguette has unique indoor/outdoor seating and would also be a nice place for a light snack of coffee and baguette, or a fresh juice and rice bean jam bun. It’s easy to order as they do have an English menu (there’s a picture attached to this article).

You can have it all at Lotus Baguette: fresh organic food and beverages, affordable prices, a spectacular view, interesting architecture and nautical art and design to appreciate. Throw in good company and you've found treasure.

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